Floricultura Damonte Pierpaolo cultivates and produces flowering plants with manual processing, constantly controlling the quality of each product during all growing phases.

The Damonte family company moves its steps at the beginning of the last century with the cultivation of vegetables and legumes destined for a national sale. With the arrival of the 80's and the third generation, the company became a floriculture producing potplants of various genres. Thanks to a mild Mediterranean climate and constant attention to the needs of the customers, Floricultura Dott Damonte started to export his products in other country.

Since the '80s and the generational change, the company has transformed into a cultivation of mainly flowering potted plants. Flowering bush plants, stambs and climbing plants, even large in very large potsize , that have made way for a large assortment that has always differentiated the company.

Today the company, with the arrival of Pierpaolo and than the third generation, deals with the production of a wide range of flowering plants, green plants, exotic plants and succulents intended mostly for international markets.

The today cultivations , thanks to a mild Mediterranean climate, are grown both in open air and in heated greenhouses and allow the company to have a constantly evolving assortment to offer its customers all year round.


The quality and dedication to production comes from an ancient agricultural experience that allows us to adequately follow the product from cutting to finished product.


Thanks to a intensive relationship with international transporters, the transport of the ordered products is guaranteed daily in terms of speed and quality, guaranteeing the customer a complete and reliable service.


The quality aspect of the product and service is very important for us. The personal attention given to the quality and service offered allows the client to contact directly with the production and to remain informed of new products and available products.