Terms of sale

These general terms and conditions of sale concern the remote Internet sales of farm products Damonte Dott Luigi. Sales are governed by D.Lgs. 6 September 2005 n. 206 and, for Internet sales, by Legislative Decree no. 70.

How to order

Phone by calling the number +39 0182-992490 or at the following telephone numbers +39 3279898663 or +39 3409351234.
By emial: info@floriculturedottdamonte.com
By the WEBSHOP www. Floriculturedottdamonte.com

The sending of the orde will result in acceptance of these general sales conditions

Product prices - Product availability - Delivery costs

The prices are valid for the customer only for the registered customer.

In the case of a temporary unavailability of an ordered product, we will be responsible for replacing the unavailable product and contacting the customer. The prices indicated are those that the customer must actually pay in the established payment terms. Delivery costs will generally be borne by the customer. In some cases in the sales terms can be chosen by the customer displaying and purchasing with inclusive shipping prices.


The payment terms are not specified at the time of order through the e-shop as each customer has a pre-established payment term that will be found in the billing items.


The ordered merchandise is delivered directly to the address provided by the customer in the first registration. If the customer wants to change the delivery address of the merchandise, he asks the customer to make this change by writing the delivery address in the 'Notes' space at the time of order.

The transport reservation is normally done by Floricultura Dott Damonte at the time of receipt of the order, when contacted the carrier will immediately be notified to the customer on the actual day of departure of the goods.

The goods travel at the risk of the customer who will have to resort to the conveyor in case of damage to the goods. In this case, Floriculture Dott Damonte will try to coordinate the problem resolution.


In any case, customers can claim purchased products by email or telephone within 24 HOURS after the delivery of the goods. In this case Floricultura Dott Damonte will need photos or documents of the damaged products before making a credit note.

Communications and Complaints

Communications and complaints can be sent by email, fax and telephone.